The Round Rock ISD 2014 Summer Professional Development Conference will be two full weeks of learning opportunities for educators from around central Texas. The classes listed below are only the beginning. Check back often to see what has been added. Round Rock ISD attendees, make sure you sign up in eCampus as well. The number is included in each course description.


Ms. Mattingly

Round Rock ISD
Instructional Technology Specialist
Anne Mattingly earned a bachelor's degree in History at Indiana University and a teaching certification in Social Studies and Science from Northern Illinois University. After teaching both subjects in Illinois for two years, she moved to Texas and spent three years in Round Rock ISD teaching Biology, Inclusion Biology, and eventually AP Biology as well. During this time she earned a Master's degree in Science Education from the University of Texas in Austin. After discovering how technology has the ability to engage a wide range of students in the learning process, Anne developed a passion for educational technology and how it can be implemented to enrich student learning. She then transitioned out of the classroom and became an Instructional Technology Specialist with Round Rock ISD and has served in that position for the past four years. Although she loves learning about the back end of local area networks, Anne's passion still lies in instructional technology.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, August 6