The Round Rock ISD 2014 Summer Professional Development Conference will be two full weeks of learning opportunities for educators from around central Texas. The classes listed below are only the beginning. Check back often to see what has been added. Round Rock ISD attendees, make sure you sign up in eCampus as well. The number is included in each course description.


Anne Maschka

Practical Writing Teacher
Cedar Ridge High School
Mix two cups of literature with one cup of history. Add a tablespoon of music and a teaspoon of architecture. Leaven with two tablespoons of art, and sweeten to taste with popular culture. Finally, stir in the milk of humanism.

This recipe describes Anne Maschka, who loves to cook and bake as well as write, knit, admire movies, and drive fast cars.

Her career has taken her to schools and universities in several countries, a literacy program in the middle of nowhere, an execution (not hers), the anonymity of ghostwriting, the business end of the guns of four armies, and the Dark Side (aka Pearson, Inc.).

She still hasn’t decided what to do when she grows up.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, July 30