The Round Rock ISD 2014 Summer Professional Development Conference will be two full weeks of learning opportunities for educators from around central Texas. The classes listed below are only the beginning. Check back often to see what has been added. Round Rock ISD attendees, make sure you sign up in eCampus as well. The number is included in each course description.
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Monday, August 4

8:30am CDT

Melodies in Flight from Pencil to Cyberspace D106 Travel the World Twenty Minutes At a Time! C 224 Connect and Communicate with Edmodo Level 1 A 211 Google Chrome Ninja Tips & Tricks D 109 The 4-1-1 on Google GMail and Calendar A 208 You Can't Just Google It - Creative Commons in the Classroom D 120 The Short Answer: Successful Strategies [for the classroom and STAAR] C 269 Exploring Projects in Math Class C 125 Engaging the Elementary Learner with Discovery Education A 209 Dyslexia: From Identification to Interpreting Testing Results C 219 CPI Re-Certification - RRISD ONLY B 259 The Classroom Symphony: Becoming a Management Maestro - FULL CLASS B 201 ASCA Program Model Overview - RRISD ONLY TBA Checklist for Dance Faculty F 123 GT Module 2: Identification and Assessment B 258 GT Module 5: Differentiated Curriculum B 261 GT Update 2-5: TAGifying Your PBL - FULL CLASS B 219 GT Update K-2: I Already GT It! Addressing the Needs of Primary Gifted Students B 205 Excel Basics and Beyond D 101 Team Building with Dr. Debbie Estes Cafeteria BAS/SEL Phase 2 - Understanding Text Complexity & Sources of Information C 206 & 207 Teaching Grammar Authentically (3-5) - FULL CLASS B164 Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Conferring in Writing Workshop (3-5) B 266 Elementary Students in Texas Algebra Ready (ESTAR) (K-2) B 226 Teaching the New Math Standards: Personal Financial Literacy - 8th Grade B 204 7 Steps to a Language Rich Classroom (RRISE ONLY) Lecture Hall OnTrack for Student Success A 206 Bringing Social Studies to Life: Using Fine Arts to Engage Students and Make It Stick C 218 Moving All Students to Literacy Proficiency c 221 Instructional Practices for Students with Special Needs in the New Millennium - FULL CLASS C 255 K-2 Reading Rocks - 2 Day Class B 171 Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Small Group Instruction (K-5) - 2 Day Class C 261 & C263 Zooming in on Balanced Literacy: Word Study (K-2) - 2 Day Class B 180 FCC BOOT CAMP: Teaching Verbal Behavior in the Functional Communication Classroom - 3 DAY CLASS B 208

12:30pm CDT


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